Caring For Your Granite Surfaces

Gleaming, shining, and sparkling: Granite counter tops add pizazz to your kitchen and bathroom. When you invest in this costly addition, it’s important to know how to maintain your granite surfaces to protect your investment.Here are a few tips:
  • Avoid using items or conditions that can mar the surface appearance.
  • Never leaving liquid or chemical spills on the surface of a granite countertop; wipe up any accidental spills as quickly as possible with a wet sponge. Be especially diligent if the spills are acidic in nature.
  • Don’t use acidic cleaners such as vinegar-based window cleaners to clean and disinfect your countertop. ´╗┐
  • Be sure to remove any diamond or gemstone rings before working on or cleaning the granite.
  • Avoiding adding extra weight to the edges of the countertop.
  • Use trivets or hot pads for those straight-out-of-the-oven dishes and always use cutting boards when preparing food.
How frequently should the countertop be resealed?
  • Your granite surface should be sealed immediately upon installation.
  • Sealing doesn’t make the granite stain-proof, but it will help guard the surface for about a year, depending on the sealer used and the type of stone.
  • You can determine if your granite needs to be resealed by taking a few drops of water and dripping them on the surface. If the drops bead, on the surface, the seal is still intact. But if they're absorbed by the surface, it’s time to reseal.

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